New Testament Church

At Christ Temple Apostolic Church, we seek to educate and empower you with the information and tools you will need to navigate life and master your challenges. More importantly, after you have become a disciple, you can go and make disciples of others. This is the New Testament assignment of the church. Look below and discover more about how we serve through our faith.


Our mission and values are designed to help YOU discover God's best for your life. Take a moment to understand the elements that fuel our love, faith, and tenacity for helping you grow in your personal walk with God.


CTAC has benefited from such a rich history of strength, tenacity, and grace. From our organization's founder to today's leadership, we are honored to have seen God's loving hand through every challenge.


We find foundation and strength in our Bible-based beliefs. These are our core ideologies that we look to guide our choices for living and build our hope for the future. We are excited to have such life anchors and want nothing more but to share them with you.


We are an organization that has strong encouraging leadership! CTAC is over 85 years strong and we've been able to navigate through many circumstances. Meet the leadership team that makes CTAC a relevant part of the community.


We are committed to providing an atmosphere of collaboration and purpose. We've grown as a family throughout the years and have been able to create ministry auxiliaries that serve the needs of the surrounding community.


Come and see the many reasons to come and visit the CTAC campus. We’re excited that you're interested in joining with us in Praise, Worship and Partaking in the Word of God. Click below to prep for your upcoming visit.